Click here to access the KnowBe4 site and get started with your Free Family Online Digital Security Training. Use the password homecourse to get started.

KnowBe4 is user-friendly for the whole family and is completely free for our members. First New York takes your online digital security seriously; that's why we offer this integrated training course which provides online security awareness training combined with simulated security attacks. It’s time to learn about the risks and stop being victimized by hackers, online predators and criminals. Keep yourself and your family safe online.

KnowBe4 offers 8 primary topics related to Internet security:

Learn 10 important rules about creating and using passwords. Identify what works, what doesn’t work, and what hackers don’t want you to know.

Online Banking Security:
Learn about the risks of online banking and what you need to do to remain safe when banking online. Because online banking carries such greater risks than many other types of internet activities, identify methods in minimizing your risk and keeping your accounts safe.

Keeping your Identity Safe from Identity Thieves:
When internet thieves steal your identity, they steal your time, your money and your good reputation. Learn the tips for protecting your identity online.

Avoiding Malware:
Identify the threats your computer is exposed to and how to go about protecting against them.

Keeping Your Personal Information Confidential:
Learn the keys to keeping your personal information…well...personal! criminals can use your personal information against you. Whether it’s stealing your money, your identity, your credit, or all of the above. Identify the keys to keeping your information confidential.

Protecting Children Online:
Learn the risks involved when children go online. Identify the vulnerabilities that exist, and master the tips for keeping children safe online.

Securing Your Home Network:
Secure your devices. Secure your network. At work, you know someone is in charge of keeping your computer and network secure. At home, it’s your job. Learn the tips for keeping your systems secure.

Email & Attachments Safety:
Learn the types of attacks that are spread via email and message attachments and identify the red flags to look for.