Board of Directors

Charles R. Smith, Chairman of the Board

Donna Michele, Vice Chairman of the Board

Brian Krawiecki, Treasurer

Ronald Szczepanski, Ph.D., Secretary

Matthew Lynch, Director

Timothy Schramm, Director

Kevin Veitch, Director

Erin Coufal, Associate Director

Erin Hughes, Associate Director


Supervisory Committee*

Richard Arthur, Chairman

Gary August

James Dunham

Andrew O'Keefe

Robert Roback, Jr.


Executive Officers

Lucy G. Halstead, President, Chief Executive Officer

Mark F. Jarocki, Executive Vice President

Mark Milanese - Chief Information Officer


Management Team

James Alescio - Vice President/Chief Financial Officer

Cliff Carignan - Vice President of Lending

William Chow - Assistant Vice President of Commercial Lending

Terri L. Clasen - Assistant Vice President of Human Resources

Matthew DeMars - Assistant Vice President of Facilities

Lucas W. G. Fiedler - Manager of Membership Development

Gloria J. Friello - Assistant Vice President of Lending Operations

Michelle Haag - Manager of Electronic Services

Brandy L. Hazzard - Director of Branch Operations

Ann Ladd - Human Resources Manager

Ann Lieberburg - Training Manager

Julia Murray - Manager of Core Systems

Kelly Pauley - Assistant Vice President of Support Services and Operations

Andrea Reed - Assistant Vice President of Processing Platforms

Sandra Scofield - Call Center Manager

Christy A. Smith - Vice President of Member Services

Steve Snyder - Assistant Vice President of Collections

Rhonda Teal - Assistant Vice President of Accounting

Carol D. Valenza - Vice President of Marketing and Business Development

Branch Managers

Amani Akari

Tina Bianco

Philippe Craan

Linda Jeffer

Rebecca Lape

Michelle Maneri

Ronald S. Schimpf

Julie Soard

Gena B. Tillapaugh

*You may contact the First New York Supervisory Committee to address any situations you feel were not handled to your satisfaction.

Please Note: This is NOT secure e-mail, do not send personal/financial information. Click here to send an e-mail to the First New York Federal Credit Union Supervisory Committee.